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Your success always starts from the right team. A team of like-minded people. And recruiting it can be as difficult as building a strong Company’s brand.

Founded in 2014, Fintegro connects employers from the US and Canada with a high level of seniority tech and non-tech specialists.

We’re a professional IT staffing Company with offices in Canada and Ukraine which focused on providing IT specialists from Canada, LATAM, Eastern Europe.

Our main goal is to find effective DEVELOPERS but not CODERS.

You need recruiting services if:

You don't have time enought to recruit on your own.

You want to get proffesional recruiting spesialist who knows local market

You want to receive more qualified candidates

You want to move your hiring process faster


Working on outstaffing basis provides you with the opportunity to hire a specialist(s) remotely and manage him as if he is your employee. It does not matter where his location is. He works for your company and he is under your control. His workflow is transparent and managed by you completely.

Where outstaffing works the best:

When you want to pay one flat fee for a full-time candidate.

When you don't want to pay for extra costs (machines, working place, taxes, etc.)

When you want to hire a person outside of your country

When you decide to develop new features but you don't have extra people resources for it

Offshore Development Center (ODC)

More and more people choose Ukraine as a country where they can establish their own ODC (Offshore Development Center).
Offshore Development Center(ODC) is no longer a luxury, but rather a need these days.

180K+ developers of different levels, 5 BIG IT Tech HUBS, Best price/value ratio, Easy-to-come country, makes Ukraine attractive for US and EU clients.

Having a solid experience in local Ukrainian market, we help IT businesses establish , recruit, manage and maintain their own ODC in Ukraine.

You might need Offshore Development Center if:

You want to establish your own development center with all staff in one place in a tight timeframes

You want to have your own employees but not contractors in ODC

You want to make recruiting and onboarding processes much faster then in the US

You want optimize budget for development




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Ukraine: Zaporizhya


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