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Web-sites and Mobile apps. Our experience and responsiveness let us successfully realize projects different level of complexity. We suggest effective internet marketing solutions oriented to your business growth.

Digital Marketing Agency:

  • Website Development
  • Landing Page
  • E-commerce
  • Web Design
  • Mobile App Design
  • SEO Optimization
  • Hosting
  • CMS
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Our web-studio is professionally engaged in web-site and mobile app creation.
We suggest effective internet marketing solutions.
Fintegro team priority is a  strategy creation which helps promoting your product and augmenting business prosperity.


Our team

The honor of the Fintegro Studio is a
cohesive qualified team.

Who works at the Fintegro Studio? Experienced HTML/PHP and Android developers,
creative designers and UI/UX and Bootstrap specialists, attentive QAs and client sensitive managers.


As we’re Canadian Studio, we speak English, French, Ukrainian and Russian as well.
Each of us is fond of this work! So, we guarantee the optimal solution to your problem which
is in our competence.



Reliable hosting – successful running of your web site.

Today, reliable running of your website totally depends on the hosting you’ve chosen. Stunning design, good functionality, well-done SEO optimization all attempts are in vain if your hosting running is unstable, unreliable and insecure. Fintegro Studio suggests you a full stack of services for hosting your website.

We provide you with:

  • Reliable hosting with user-friendly interface;
  • The most sutable tariff plan;
  • Stable running.


Everybody knows that successful website is a combination of origin design and powerful functionality.

Website functionality it’s the first step to your business success. Your visitors never know that user-friendly interfave, intuitive navigation and easy-to-use features – it’s a sophisticated backend which has been implemented versed developers and experienced QA team. The easier interface for your website visitors is provided the more experienced developer took part in that project. Fintegro Studio team includes backend developers whose knowledge and experience give an outstanding opportunity to implement projects where frontend and backend is


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We help you moving up your site position in search.

Comportable interface, fashinable design, reliable functionality it’s a must for any today website. All in vein,if nobody visits your website. Today, business success in network can be reached by professional apply of SEO. It’s effective instrument for elevate your website in a top of Google, Yahoo, Bing search. Everyone realizes, if you want your website to be visited by customers, the main condition to be on the first page of search results.

Fintegro Studio provide this service and guarantee you increasing traffic on your web resource and profit growth. We analyze algorythms of search systems and use efficient methods for promotion. We build individual strategy for your successful activity taking in account all peculiarities of your business model. We keep balance between your budget and the best result.


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Mobile App is a huge benefit against your competitors.

Mobile gadgets: smartphones, tablets are conquering more and more space in our lives . Today it’s a profitble business solution to create a mobile application in addition to existed web resource. From the moment when you have a mobile app your client will never spend time on waiting when the possibility to work on PC will appear.
Customer can get any info immediately if mobile app was installed in any mobile device. From now you guarantee your customers permanent period of access to your web resource at any time. They can sell, buy, get info, send info, pay, swap. They’re able to do what ever they want. You can be the company that provides this freedom to your customers. Decide to be a freedom provider? We help you to deliver this miraculous feature to your clients.
Fintegro develops applications for iOS and Android operation system.



We create unique styles, Logo and many graphic products( business-card, Euro-flyers). All products are attractive and eye-catchy, and created for you espesially. You can suggest ideas, we pass its into modern and understandable design.


Classy and modern design – it’s an attractive face of your site.
Captivating and authentic design is one of the most important ingredient in successful business. The first what your visitor sees when enters your site is a web design. Would a customer go further on your site or not depends on: attracrive and original web design; valuable content; easy and intuitive navigation.

The more stunning your design the more chances you have to appeal your clients. Exactly your web design makes difference between you and all others and can pass your visitors into real clients. We create the design which reflects your wishes and realizes your goal.We are versed in creating Landing Page, e-shop, Web and mobile Applications. And even you have an idea only we’re ready to help you in realization from ground to up.



It’s easy increasing your profit in trading. Just ask us to build e-shop for you.

Trading via Internet. E-shop trading is a child of this century. This way of trading is growing permanently. The faster you join the more profit you have. Our life is full of a different kind of routine. We feel a lack of time and try to save it by any accessible ways. Shopping is one of our life aspect where this possibility can be applied. Sitting in front of a computer or any mobile device we can order products or services we need right now. E-shop suggests this miraculous opportunity: being in several places and staying the one place simultaneously.

Fintegro Studio provides you with the best solution for your e-commerce activity. We build e-shop based on your personal demands. There are e-commerce platforms which you can choose for e-commerce activity. Fintegro team will suggest you different customized solutions which help you to raise profit and increase taffic in your e-shop.



Landing Page is a powerful tool for trading product or service via Internet.

The more stunning your design the more chances you have to appeal your clients. Exactly your web design makes difference between you and all others and can pass your visitors into real clients. We create the design which reflects your wishes and realizes your goal.We are versed in creating Landing Page, e-shop, Web and mobile Applications. And even you have an idea only we’re ready to help you in realization from ground to up.

Landing Page is a revolution in online trading. Today, it’s the fact, that One-Page site is the most effective instrument for product and service online trading. You’re able to offer your customer the product or the service you want to be promoted via Network.

We create Unique Landing Page for you. Before starting creation of Landing Page for our client we analyze audience, competitors and provide high conversion for every Landing Page we was released.



Website from scratch – is the best solution for your business grouth.
Website today is a must for every company that suggest any product or service to customer.
Originality and singularity is the crucial component of growing traffic on your website. Catching look, 24/7avalability, creative and targeting advertisment policy are necessary and undivided atributes of grabing attention website.

Fintegro studio create website from scratch professionaly. Our versed team put all their efforts and knowledge for realization client’s ideas and requirements. Growing business need a website that executes a promotion function. We create customized websites which will move you ahead in your business area.
Let us help you in your motion to prosperity and our team will prove you that your choice is.



You can see what We have done for our clients? HERE YOU.



Web Marketing
Email Marketing
Consultation & Strategy
Social Media Set Up & Branding
Price: from 400 CAD/month
Go Mobile
Mobile App
For Companies wishing to ensure their presence on Smartphone
For efficient user experience
Price: from 1037 CAD
SME Site
SME Site
Custom Design
Content Management System
SEO Optimization
Integration with Social Media
Price: from 4275 CAD
Web Page appeals visitors to do some actions
Social media
Landing Page
Reviews and feedback
Business directory
Job listings,
Restaurant Booking System
Coupon management
Classified ads
Auction or Streaming video website
Price is negotiable
E-shop 24/7
Any eCommerce platform
Up 10 pages
Payments Integration
Custom design
Search engine optimization
Price: from 4397 CAD
Micro Site
Fastest  way and reasonable price for becoming well-known
HTML website
Up 5 pages
Logo design
Search engine indexing
Price: from 993 CAD


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Our managers



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Project manager (French) Vova@fintegro.com


Project manager (English) Ira@fintegro.com


Project manager (French) Natalia@fintegro.com



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